Women's Bracelets

Women’s Bracelets

Bracelets have been worn for more than 7,000 years. Some other sources cite they have been worn for more than 70,000 years. No one really knows the exact time that women started wearing bracelets. However, one thing is for sure, bracelets have been worn for a long time. Early woman used to adorn her body with bones, usually for protection but also for beauty. Over time, bracelets have evolved to leather and gold, metal, diamond, sterling silver and platinum bracelets among others.....

What is the meaning of womens bracelets?

Today, women wear bracelets for beauty. A good bracelet for women will accentuate their beauty as it matches with their outfit and with other jewelry they might be wearing. Besides wearing bracelets for beauty, some women still wear bracelets for cultural reasons. This is common with Indians, Native Hawaiians and many cultures around Africa and other parts of the world.

Some of the most common types of bracelets with women include:

  • Friendship bracelets: Women appreciate gifts and this is why most receive their bracelets as gifts from friends. Because bracelets are casually seen as womanly things, they are always given to women.
  • Love bracelets: There is a very high number of bracelets with love engravings and quotes on them. Most of these bracelets are worn by women, though a number of them are designed for men.
  • Charm bracelets: Women, just like men and anyone else, believe in charms. These are bracelets that are thought to bring luck to the wearers. While the bracelets may not necessarily bring luck, they are very common today. Some will bear dream catchers, ying-gang, leaves, amulets, cross and many more symbols associated with luck and good tidings.
  • Bracelets for beauty: Because most women in Australia and all over the world wear bracelets for beauty, there will be all kinds of shiny and attractive bracelets for women.

Women can also wear bracelets in support of worthy causes like the fight against racism.

How to Wear Womens Bracelets

Some women find it gaudy to accessorize with a bracelet once they have worn a necklace and earrings. Some women have eliminated bracelets altogether citing they are clunky and not easy to accessorize with.

When wearing bracelets for women, you should try mixing and matching colors, widths and patterns. Adding a few bracelets of different colors and sizes can be a good way to create an appealing look. However, it is advisable to show restraint as so many bracelets on your wrist will seem gaudy and may not match any occasion. Again, when you are mixing and matching, do not mix metals. Wearing a gold bracelets and a silver bracelet will only create confusion. But you can wear a gold bracelet with golden brown bangle on the same or opposite hands and still look great.

Metal bracelets look great when worn against black attires; it is a classic way to wear women’s bracelets.

Your comfort should come first whenever you are choosing bracelets. A good bracelet should not feel so big on your wrist and neither should it be tight. The bracelets should also not feel heavy. If you want to minimize your bracelets, you can choose one that has a watch; this way, you do not have to wear a watch and a bracelet but a bracelet that serves as a watch.

Measuring for a bracelet

Women have smaller wrists than men; which is why womens bracelets have to be specially made for them. When measuring, wrap a tape measure around your wrist and add an allowance of up to one inch depending on how comfortable you want the bracelet to feel. Some bracelets, especially the threaded type, are adjustable. These do not require you to take measurements.

When wearing bracelets, you blouse sleeve should be short enough to expose the bracelets. When wearing a blouse with a sleeve that will cover the bracelets, you would rather leave the bracelets at home.

If you have large wrists and you need them to appear smaller, wear medium sized bangles with leather, cord or metal. You can stack them or wear them alone. To make the wrists appear even smaller, you can wear flat woven bracelets – others like macramé, leather, rope or shamballa bracelets work well too.