Charm Bracelets

Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets are designed beautiful and delightful making them ideal gift items that can last for decades. You can also expand your existing charm bracelet by adding charms to make them more beautiful and enhance their durability. For centuries, men and women and people of all age groups have always worn custom charm bracelets. The bracelets are designed to accommodate different religions, different cultures and different social classes. This means that there is a charm bracelet for everyone...

When giving these bracelets as gifts, you can personalize them. If you have an older bracelet, you can revive it by adding charms.

What Are Charm Bracelets And How Did They Come To Be?

Charm bracelets are created with small trinkets, the charms. These pieces of wrist bracelets are delicate and each symbol on the charm has a meaning. It is not known precisely when people started wearing these bracelets but remains of bracelets with charms over 75,000 years have been excavated in Africa. In Europe, bracelets with charms carved out of mammoth ivory have been discovered; most of these have been dated over 30,000 years. Granted, it is evident that charm bracelets have been a tradition for a long time.

It is not clear why people wore charm bracelets all those years ago; it might have been a symbol of a belief, for aesthetic reasons and some must have been worn as magic amulets to keep evil away.

Modern charm bracelets, with a sterling silver chain, are believed to have a Victorian origin. Queen Victoria used to wear charm bracelets, which the upper and middle class Europeans adopt them as fashion. In the late 19th century and early 20th century, charm bracelets become common with the less wealthy Europeans. During the two world wars, soldiers would send trinkets/charms to their wives and children as souvenirs. When Hollywood came to limelight in the 1950s, charm bracelets appeared on TV and became very popular.

What Do Charm Bracelets Mean?

Different charms bear different meanings. The charm bracelet you pick for mom should not be the same you buy for girls or for kids unless you want all of the bracelets to have the same meaning. Again, the bracelets are made of different materials including beads, black pearls, gold or silver amulets or any other item. This makes the bracelets ideal for numerous occasions. So, how do nomination bracelets work?

Spiritual Charms

Spiritual symbols are among the most popular in charm bracelets. These charms are worn to symbolize faith, belief or with the belief they the bracelets will bring luck to the wearer. Some of the common symbols include The Cross, Scared Heart, Hail Mary, St. Christopher and Dove. There are also symbols that cross two or more religions such as Guardian Angels symbol.

Bracelets with these symbols are given to a best friend, or a member of your religion, to commemorate a religious occasion.

Zodiac Symbols

These symbols are designed to represent the 12 Zodiac signs and the planets. They may also be other symbols, such as constellations, drawn from astrology. A gift of bracelets with Zodiac signs are best given during birthdays or before a baby is born.

Nature Signs

There is a wide range of charms carved as insects, herbs, rivers and any other aspect of nature. Some of the popular charms include ladybirds, leaves, bees, cats and bulls. There are different variations on the tree-of-life charm with some variations having spiritual meaning. Nature charm bracelets are best given to a lover of nature during special occasions.

Love, Luck and Inspiration

These are the original charm bracelets. They are given as gifts to give the wearer love, luck, protection and inspire them. Some of the common charms in this category include nautical symbols such as anchors, lucky rabbits foot, wheels and many more. There may also be hearts, horseshoes and inspirational quotes.

You can give these charms as gifts during a special occasion such as graduation, wedding, new job or any other.

Charm bracelets are also given on special occasions and sometimes when friends want a charm to symbolize their friendship. Some special occasions that may require charms bracelets include anniversaries, birth of a baby and birthdays. In such occasions, you can give a simple charm such as a four-leaf clover.