Ankle Bracelets

Ankle Bracelets

Also referred to as anklets, ankle bracelets have been worn since the ancient Egypt times. These bracelets are today making appearances on runway shows. But, these pieces of jewellery are more than just fashion accessories; they have deeper meaning in some parts of the world. Anklets come in different designs and are made of different metals and precious stones including platinum, gold, silver, sterling silver, copper and 14k white gold among others....

What does an ankle bracelet mean?

If you watch the latest runway shows, you will realize that different anklet designs are coming up. Some come as golden anklets that are matched with beads while others are designed as two-layered anklets and are paired with black pumps. Even though there are new designs, anklets have a rich history. In Western countries, anklets have been worn since the 20th century but in the Eastern countries, anklets are as old as culture. The first evidence of ancient anklets was found when excavating Sumerian tombs. Sumerian tombs were believed to be more than 4500 years old. At this time, different anklets were excavated most of made from common stone and some made from gems. In Ancient Egypt, women used to wear bracelets as a symbol of their status in the society. Silver and gold anklets were worn by wives of the wealthy while leather and metal anklets were only worn by slaves. In India, women used to were anklets to show their marital status or for ornamentation. The bracelets, called Paayal, were also common among dancers. The dancers would add trinkets or charms to the chains to make them jingle during a dance. Today, these anklets are still common in India. Anklets and jewelleries are still part of Indian bridal ensembles. Anklets became popular in America in the ‘70s when free spirited women adopted them. These anklets became part of the Bohemian style.

Should you wear the bracelet on the right or left leg?

In the fashion world, where cultures seem not to play a part, whether you wear the bracelet on the left or the right leg is of insignificant meaning. Some fashion gurus, however, are interested in the etiquette of wearing these anklets. Just like the wedding band is worn on the left hand, an anklet gifted to the bride by the groom should be worn on the left leg. In some cultures, girls and women who wore the bracelet on the right left were seen as call girls. In Christianity, the left leg is considered a devil’s symbol. Wearing the bracelet on the right ankle can also be taken to mean that the wearer is of special sexual orientation.

What is the different between a bracelet and an anklet?

Bracelets can be worn anywhere. Bracelets that you wear on your ankle are referred to as anklets. Anklets are designed different from all other bracelets because they need to be comfortable on the wearer and enhance their look. Since anklets are always wiggling as the wearer moves, most of them are designed with elastic bands to keep them secure on the leg.

Types of Anklets

Anklets are classified based on the material they are made from. Today, getting an anklet from any store is easy. Golden anklets are symbols of luxury and wealth. These are worn mostly by older women and only on special occasions. Silver anklets are casual and sport a Bohemian style in them. You can wear these even when you are not going for an occasion. Beaded ankle bracelets complement Bohemian style. There are also barefoot anklets common with Indian women. These are bracelets that wrap around your ankles and then stretch to the toe resembling a barefoot sandal only without a sole. Lastly, there are anklets with charms.