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The tennis bracelet is very popular among women. Since the 1920’s, women would be spotted wearing these bracelets, by then referred to as ‘eternity bracelets’, around their wrists. However, the bracelet only became very popular, with most women believing they should have this bracelet, in 1987.

What Is A Tennis Bracelet?

Tennis bracelet, also referred to as a diamond or an eternity bracelet, is a wrist bracelet made of small diamonds or diamond like stones. It is designed flexible and lightweight making it ideal for women who are sporty. Its inline diamonds are placed in an inline serpentine-like structure. Because not all are made of pure diamond, most of them will feature stones such as emeralds and aquamarines. These stones will bear different colors to make the bracelet good looking.

The main feature of this bracelet is that it sports a symmetric diamond pattern. The bracelet features a single continuous line of small diamonds, each set individually. With each diamond set individually, the bracelet is able to move with your body for added flexibility.

Why Is It Called A Tennis Bracelet?

The tennis bracelet got its name in 1987. During a US Open tennis game, one of the most popular tennis players, Chris Evert, lost her diamond bracelets. Her bracelet did not have a clasp to hold it onto her wrist so it just snapped and fell off. Immediately she realized her bracelet was missing, she asked the game be suspended until the bracelet was found. Since then, this bracelet has been referred to as the tennis bracelet. She searched for the bracelet as the fans watched and after that, ladies developed an interest on the classic diamond bracelet.

Just because it is a tennis bracelet does not mean it is only used by tennis players. Anyone can wear the bracelet including men, women, party-goers and any other person. Plus, suspending the game did not have an effect on Evert’s game performance; she won the tournament the fourth time.

Today, these bracelets are designed with a safety clasp couple with a side latch for safety. Since the Evert bracelet snapped out of the wrist, manufacturers have been more careful to ensure no bracelet ever snaps out of the wrist.

Which Variations Of Tennis Bracelet Are There?

The tennis bracelet is very popular and as such, different variations have come up. The original diamond bracelet was designed with a single line of diamond or diamond-like stones. Other variants have come up with two, three or sometimes four lines of diamonds making a wide bracelet. These diamonds, or stones come in different forms and shapes including bezel and fishtail shapes.

Wearers can also choose between a variety of metal colors including gold, silver, black diamond, birthstone, yellow gold or white gold among others. This means that you can wear the bracelet with any outfit.

How Should You Care For Your Tennis Bracelet?

Tennis bracelets are valuable, especially when they are made of pure diamonds or gold. Even when they are made of other stones, these bracelets are still valuable and should be taken care of. If you are planning to buy one, ensure that the diamond or stones setting has been done beautifully and the safety clasp is well designed to not only secure the bracelet but to enhance its beauty. The diamond setting should give you the flexibility you need.

You can clean your bracelet at home with a home cleaning solution or you can take it to a professional jeweler who will clean it for you. Before taking a shower, applying lotion, working in the garden and washing utensils or clothes, remove your bracelet and keep it in a secure place. This ensures that the diamond setting is not interfered with. Again, these activities can lead to build-up of unnecessary residue in between the small diamonds that make you bracelet.

How Are The Tennis Bracelet Prices?

You can get an inexpensive tennis bracelet seeing that these bracelets are not all made of diamond or gold. Bracelets made of diamond can retail for as high as $30,000. However, the use of other stones has made these units as affordable as a few hundred dollars. Some even retail at less than $100. This way, everyone can enjoy having a tennis bracelet irrespective of their budget.

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