Friendship Bracelets

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Friendship bracelets are almost as old as the calendar. The knot that is the emblem of these bracelets can be traced back to ancient China between 221 and 481 B.C. However, the real place of origin for these bracelets is believed to be Ancient Central America. They had been used for centuries in Ancient America but disappeared for a long period only to come back in the 1970s. The era of matching bracelets saw the returns of knotted wrist bracelets which flooded American streets and later the whole world.

Traditionally, these bracelets are given by one friend to another as a symbol of the companion they have. As the bracelet is tied on the wrist, the receiver should make a wish. Afterwards, the receiver is supposed to wear the bracelet until it falls off naturally at which time their wish will have come true.

How Do Friendship Bracelets Work?

While we may not know how many of the friendship bracelet wishes have come true, it is still believed that the bracelet has the power to grant wishes or there is power in inanimate objects. This way, when a good bracelet is chosen and given out of a warm heart, a heart full of love, wishes will be granted.

Friendship bracelets should embody more than your companionship. It should represent your or your friend’s individual personality. If you are getting a pair of wrist bracelets so you tow can give each other, the bracelets should communicate your personalities irrespective of how similar or dissimilar they are.

If, as friends, you are like peas in a pod, you should have matching friendship bracelets. This is for those who even share closets. If you have the same tastes in nearly everything but you both love standing out or looking unique, you can have the same style of bracelets with different decorations to bring out your individual personalities.

These bracelets are created using different colors of stones and ornaments with the basic knot design remaining. Different colors carry different meanings; blue symbolizes trust and loyalty, pink stands for kindness, black for strength, yellow says one is happy and cheerful, orange for active and energetic, red symbolizes truthfulness and green shows one who is responsible. In some instances, a gift for your best friend can a range of colors to symbolize a wholesome friendship or carry metallic colors to show how valuable your friendship is. A perfect gift, however, is one that matches your friend’s tastes.

What Is The Importance Of Friendship Bracelets?

A friendship bracelet is not like any other bangle bracelet; it carries the same power as a charm bracelet. It is believed that of the receiver of the friendship bracelet removes it, without letting it fall off naturally, the friendship will not last long.

The bracelet is a symbol of the promises friends make to each other. When you give a friendship bracelet to your bff or bestie, you show commitment to your companionship, and symbolize the ever-lasting nature of the love you share. Each knot on friendship bracelets holds a unique meaning; these are knots that maintain the connectivity between friends.

DIY Friendship Bracelets

Unlike diamond bracelets or any other forms of wrist bracelets, friendship bracelets are inexpensive and can be made with ease at home. These bracelets are made with the same basic knot pattern. You can make them beaded to add beauty and color or you can make them plain with knots running from one end to the next. Some more expensive commercial bracelets are made of silver or gold making them more beautiful. Instead of threads, you can bead leather to create a best friend band.

Friendship bracelets are great for women, for adults, for children and for anyone else; as long as there is friendship.

Making friendship bracelets is referred to as a version of macramé – making fabric through knots (not weaving or knitting). The color and mount of thread used will vary significantly. The simplest of these bracelets is a double chain knot friendship bracelet that requires only two threads. Another simple bracelet is the candy stripe which can have threads as few as three and as many as forty depending on the thickness needed. Because these bracelets are versatile, they are worn by males and females of all ages.

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