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You might have seen the Cartier love bracelet that most celebrities and fashion bloggers are wearing. The bracelets are elegant and they add to your sense of style. Again, it is easy to match these bracelets with any outfit. But these bracelets are not just elegant, there is a story behind them.

The bracelet has been worn since 1969. It was created by Aldo Cipullo as an interpretation of the chastity belt. The chastity belt was a special belt that husband would lock around the waists of their wives to ensure fidelity when they (the husbands) were away. The Cartier love bracelet was created to protect wives from infidelity when the husband was away.

The Cartier love bracelet works the same as the belt in a metaphorical way. It easily locks around your wrist. It comes with a tiny screw with which you lock the bracelet on your wrist. Once locked, the bracelet symbolizes love that does not end. It is not easy to remove the bracelet; once locked, you will need a tiny screwdriver to remove it.

The Cartier love bracelet is one of the main love bracelets available on the market but there are others. Cartier has a policy; you cannot buy a love bracelet for yourself, someone else has to buy it for you. If you need a Cartier love bracelet, you have to hint that to your partner.


Love bracelet variations


Cartier love bracelets were originally made of silver plated in gold. They looked great and were bought mainly for their appealing look. These original bracelets were given to the most famous couples at the time making the bracelet very popular. After the first production, Cartier started producing solid gold versions of the bracelet. In 1979, the company introduced the diamond studded love bracelet into the market.

Over time, different variations of the love bracelet have been released including yellow gold, rose gold, white gold and platinum. Some are designed with diamonds as screws or diamonds in rotation with the screws. Some love bracelets have also been released with ceramic details and others with special colored gems.

In 2009, pave diamond bracelet versions were released and sold all over the world, especially more in Australia.

If you do not love the locking love bracelets, you can buy the cuff versions of love bracelet that do not close or lock. More recently, there have been thinner versions of the love bracelets. These versions come with a hinge and a single screw making them easy to lock and unlock.

Another variant of the bracelet is the love charity bracelet introduced in 2006. This bracelet has a diamond ring on which the word ‘love’ is engraved and a silk cord.


Other love bracelets


The most common love bracelet is the Cartier love bracelet. It worn by celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, who has been trying to remove it without success, Justin Bieber, Jeniffer Aniston, and Angelina Jolie among others.

However, the Cartier is not the only bracelet that symbolizes love. There are many more bracelets designed to symbolize love. These come in different designs with the word ‘love’ and love symbols such as hearts being engraved on them. The bracelets are also made from different materials including silver, sterling silver, gold, leather or any other. As long as it is a befitting bracelet for him or for her, it is considered a love bracelet.

While these other love bracelets do not have a near-permanent locking mechanism, they are great as gifts to loved ones. When shopping for love bracelet, pick one that meets the style of your partner and one that symbolizes the love you have.

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