Leather Bracelets

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Leather bracelets have become more popular thanks to the growing demand for leather articles in the fashion world. Leather bracelets are mostly worn by men but some appealing designs for women have come up. These bracelets are worn to match leather clothing items such as jackets, wallets, shoes and belts. These bracelets can sport different designs some with customized engraving and others designed as charm bracelets. 

The Origin of Leather Bracelets

Leather bracelets have been in existence since the 18th century. During this period, the hippie culture has picked up males used to wear brown and red bracelets to match their funky dresses and amulets. The original bracelets were simple; mostly a wristband with a clip which would sometimes be beaded. Today, there are all sorts of the leather bracelets from white, black, with beads, rounded designs and many more. Celebrities, tribal people and hippie rock stars were the only ones who used to wear these bracelets but when the retro culture came to life, millions of people adopted leather bracelets. 

What do leather bracelets mean?

Men used to wear leather bracelets as security symbols. The bracelet has also been worn as a security band and this is linked with the Raksha Sutra, the simple red color thread that used to be tied by pundits. During the 18th century, people would wear the bracelet as a status symbol. After that, the symbol was thought to have magic that attracted the opposite sex.

Today, the bracelet is worn to make a fashion statement. Girls and women in Perth, Australia, and other cities in Australia, love wearing the bracelet to match their style and outfits. 

What is the importance of leather bracelets?

There is myth that says leather bracelets attract the opposite sex. This means that the bracelet can help you maintain a balanced relationship but that is just a myth. If the leather bracelet sports a unique and fashionable design, it will be easier for individuals of the opposite gender to get attracted to it. However, the main importance of leather bracelets is to enhance your sense of fashion. Whether you have a cheap bracelet, a personalized piece or a piece with silver on it, you remain at the top in mens or women fashion. This is especially important for men whose fashion statement seems to be completed only by a leather bracelet. 

Measuring your wrist size for a leather bracelet

A good leather bracelet should fit your wrist perfectly; should not be small and should not be big. The leather bracelet does not have to be custom made but it should be made to fit. You can easily measure for a leather bracelet with strip of paper and a ruler or a tape measure. Wrap the paper strip round your wrist, at a round where you would love to wear your leather bracelet. Mark with a pen and measure the strip on a ruler. 

A good fit leather bracelet should be between 0.75 and 1 inch larger than your wrist’s circumference. However, you can add more than an inch when you need a loose bracelet or more than an inch when you need a tight fitting bracelet.

Should you learn how to clean a leather bracelet?

You can take your leather bracelet to a dry cleaning shop for cleaning or you can clean it yourself. Your leather bracelet will sometimes soak in water. Other times, it will hold dirt and be in need of maintenance. 

When cleaning your leather jacket, wipe it with a piece of cloth to protect it from debris and dirt. Do not use a harsh abrasive as it will scratch your leather bracelet. Then rinse the cloth in water into which mild hand soap or leather cleaner has been added. Wipe the leather again using gentle circular motion; work from the center of the bracelet outwards. 

Wipe off the soap or leather cleaner with a clean damp cloth. Place the bracelet on a paper towel and let it dry slowly away from direct sunlight. It can take up to 15 minutes to completely dry the bracelet. If you find it necessary, you can apply leather conditioner. Again, ensure that your leather bracelet does not often come into contact with water. Keep it always clean to minimize the number of times you wash it.

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