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Kids can wear any bracelets that adults can. However, in the early 00’s, kids started buying rubber color coded bracelets that were thought to have sex meaning. These bracelets, otherwise referred to as jelly bracelets, created a ruckus that saw most schools banning kids from wearing bracelets. The rubber bracelets are great especially seeing that they come in many different colors. Without the sex meaning, these braces communicate the sense of style of the boys and girls who wear them.

With the rubber bracelets having a tarnished reputation and parents even banning them from homes, kids bracelets now come in different other forms. They can be made of silver, sterling silver, gold, can be beaded or can have amulets. Whichever form, kids bracelets are worn for their beauty and their value.


Gifting Kids with Bracelets


Bracelets for younger girls


Young girls live shiny and sparkly things. However, they may not take care of them as they should and such keep the bracelets attractive but inexpensive. Rubber and plastic bracelets are great for very young children. The bracelets do not have to look cheap but they should not be expensive. Again, instead of bracelets that have a clasp, choose a bracelet that has an elastic band. This way, they do not struggle with the clasp. Again, ensure that the materials are non-toxic as the child might put the bracelet in their mouth. You can accompany the gift with an inexpensive plastic jewellery box and teach the child how to take care of their bracelets.


Bracelet for an older girl


Teenage girls are very picky; they want a bracelet that is not only unique and appealing but also one that does not look cheap. These teens love chunky bracelets and as such, you can get silver stackable bracelets. A charm bracelet also works great with these teens. What makes a charm bracelet great is the fact that it can be personalized. These teenage girls are all about uniqueness. Even better, you can ask for their bracelet choices before buying one.

When buying a bracelet for an older child, you can coordinate the bracelet with other jewellery. For instance, you can buy them a necklace or earrings to match the bracelet. This way, they will love the bracelet even more. Again, you should buy them a good quality jewellery box seeing that as they grow in adulthood, they view the jewellery box as an achievement.


Bracelets for boys


Should you buy bracelets for boys? Younger boys are very inquisitive and might rip off the bracelet the first day you buy it. As such, you need to buy them good quality rubber or leather bracelet. Teenage boys are all about style and class. When buying them bracelets, you have to consider what is trending and their likes and dislikes.

Boys are less demanding when it comes to jewellery. A simple design on an inexpensive bracelet may mean a lot for them. Again, teach them how to take care of their bracelets.


Types and Care of Kids Bracelets


Kids bracelets are classified based on material and design. Some of the most common materials for kids bracelets include plastic, rubber, leather, and metals. More expensive bracelets are made of precious stones.

Kids also love friendship, charm and love bracelets as they receive most of their bracelets as gifts. You can have their bracelets personalized to include their name, especially on beaded bracelets. Or you can get them a bracelet that doubles as watch.

Teens can take care of their bracelets; washing with warm water and drying them as necessary. For younger children, the bracelets should be washed and disinfected.

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