Copper Bracelets

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Copper bracelets are worn for their beauty and their purported healing properties. Copper bracelets have been worn for thousands of years with the belief that when you wear these bracelets, trace elements of the copper will rub off on your skin and find their way into your bloodstream. People with arthritis especially benefit from copper bracelets as they reduce inflammation and pain. 

Benefits of Copper Bracelets

Copper bracelets come in many different designs to match your sense of style and fashion. Besides their inimitable beauty, these bracelets are worn for their healing properties. When copper finds its way into the bloodstream of an arthritic patient, it facilitates the regrowth of cartilage in joints thereby reducing pain and inflammation. While there is no research to corroborate these claims, copper bracelets have acted as placebos to those in pain for a long time. 

Copper is also antimicrobial. It kills microorganisms within two hours of exposure. However, copper has to be in contact with the microorganisms to kill them. However, it is not recommended to place copper bracelets directly on a wound. 

Copper is also linked with enhanced immune system. The amount of copper the body can absorb through the skin is minute, just the right amount needed to boost immunity. The metal has also been linked to reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. 

Types of Copper Bracelets for Beauty

If you are not willing to buy into the health benefits of copper, you can wear copper bracelets just for their beauty. Copper bracelets sport different designs which make them stand the competition. Some of the common copper bracelets designs include:

Antique copper bracelet: These bracelets are designed wide and with beautiful carvings and miniatures to add to their beauty. While the bracelets look simple, they show elegance and style when worn. 

Healing copper bracelets: These are simple, plain bracelets that are worn by those who need to reduce pain and inflammation in arthritic cases.

Multi-layered bracelet: These bracelets are common with women thanks to their great design. The copper bracelet rings are stacked into threes or fours to result in a beautiful looking bracelet.

Pearled bracelet: A copper bracelet with a pearl gives a subtle yet classy look. In some cases, different stones are used to enhance the general look of the bracelet.

Magnetic bracelets: These are bracelets made from pure copper with a magnetic field in it. They are great for both men and women. They are also believed to treat migraines and fatigue.

Copper bracelets with precious stones: When precious stones are studded in between the copper bracelet, they give an outstanding look. These kind of copper bracelets are common with girls. Sometimes, the copper bracelets are gold plated.

Chain copper bracelets for men: These are designed strong and in form of a chain for men. The rugged construction of these bracelets gives them a manly touch and makes them long lasting. 

Weaved Wire Copper Bracelet: Just like its name, weaved wire copper bracelet sports the design of a weave where the wires are twirled to form a bracelet. 

Caring for a copper bracelet

With time, a copper bracelet becomes dull and loses its shine. You need to polish it with a soft cloth to ensure it retains its beauty. When the bracelet gets dirty, you need to wash it in warm water with a dish washing liquid. Ensure you do not scratch the bracelet when washing. 

If your bracelet has gems, avoid using lemon juice or vinegar as these can damage the bracelet. Again, you should not soak the bracelet, especially if it has pearls, as this might damage the stones. When well taken care of, the bracelets will last a long time.

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